"Growing up isn’t a bad thing" - Lee Taemin

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EXO-M’s first Overdose stage - Yixing

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3/10 visually stunning sino films

Ripples of Desire 《花漾》, dir. Zero Chou, starring Jerry Yan, Michelle Chen, Ivy Chen, and Joe Cheng [x]


[TRANS] 周觅_SJMThank you everyone for your well-wishes, everyone is slowly growing up. I am 18 years old today [cake] [ultraman] I love you all ©

"It was like finding an oasis in a desert" Heechul about Zhou Mi in We Got Married: Global Edition (via smiling-mi)

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JFORYOU appreciation post

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I wanted to reveal the truth to fans.  I’ve always been called ‘Amber the boy’ and though I act and look like one, I am definitely not a boy.”  - Amber

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Minho accidently hitting key and then hugging him

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EXO Greeting Party in Japan “HELLO!” Rehearsal

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∞ favorite mv scenes: 田馥甄 - 渺小 + blue eyes


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